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Downloadable handouts

Download our comprehensive handouts fresh from our website so you can study even you're offline!

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messaging app

Join our exclusive community of aspiring LET topnotchers and future LPTs. Aside from the drills you can take in our website, you can also enjoy a daily review via our messaging channel in slack.

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Grab the opportunity to chit-chat with LET review specialists and previous LET topnotchers. Ask LET-related questions, tips, and techniques to top the LET!

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What do our students say?

Top the LET Online Academy is committed to provide the best learning experience to our students. Their feedback, comments and suggestion matter to us.

Passion of teaching

I know Mathematics is not an easy subject yet I really love it. It was my dream to be a Math Teacher but that never happened. You're one of the best Math Teachers I ever had. I really love the topic about fractions, you reminded me of my teacher when I was in Grade 5, who taught us to mentally compute fractions in my mind. I will never forget her because until now I can do such thing. And sa inyo naman po, what I will not forget is the addition of mixed fraction. Aside from that, your love in Math influences the way you teach us. In anyway, thank you po.

Best LET Review Program

Top the LET Online Academy provides everyone the best program that there is so that you can climb to the TOP. With the very accommodating and very helpful mentors, mamomotivate ka talaga para mareach mo yung goal. Their program is well-managed and well-arranged for every LET taker out there and I can say na hindi ka talaga nila pababayaan since full-blast yung mentorship program system nila. At tsaka, kumpleto na po lahat from Gen ED, Prof ED, Majorship to Final Coaching. This is their first year yet they are providing all of these things already. I am sure na dili jud mo magmahay.

Lecturers are outstanding

I highly recommend ‘Top the LET Online Academy’. It is not only an online review but also a home of every student who aims to be a topnotcher/professional teacher. Lecturers are great, their teaching strategies and dedications are really commendable. Admins and staffs are very accomodating. Thank you for making part of my review journey and soon to be LPT. More power, Top the LET Online Academy. ☺️

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: How will the classes be conducted?

Answer: This is a self-paced review program. This means that you can start your review as soon as you are enrolled. You can watch our video lessons and take the practice at your most convenient time. Aside from that, we will have a class monthly. This will be a rationalization of your monthly summative/comprehensive test.

Question: How do you ensure that students learn from the lecture?

Answer: We provide regular assessments for every subject where the students can monitor their own learning. Moreover, students' progress will be closely monitored through our performance analytics dashboard.

Question: What if this program will not work?

Answer: Any program will not work if you don't put your learning into action. Just like a medication prescribed to you by a physician, it wouldn't work unless you take all prescribed medicines and follow the doctor's advice. In this program, all the skills you need to pass (or even top) the LET will be provided to you in a step-by-step manner.

Question: How do I access the website?

Answer: Once you are successfully enrolled,you will receive your login credentials to access our website.

Question: What gadgets can I use to watch the video lessons?

Answer: You can use your mobile phone (iOs or android), tablet, or computer.

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Our Pool of Mentors

About us

We are Top the LET Online Academy, an official partner of Aim To Top Review and Training Center. We are comprised of LET topnotchers & review specialists coming from the different parts of the country.

Experience quality online LET review at the comfort of your own home. Join us!